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Directorate of Library

Director : Mr. RWANDEKWE Gilbert

Contact : +250 788 741 463
Email: rwandekweg@yahoo.fr

Currently I.P.B has two libraries:
The central library in Campus I and the library of Campus II.

The central library of I.P.B is located in campus I, in the town of Byumba very close to the Catholic Church. It is sheltered in the same building as the Computer- lab center where it lays out a room of reading with a part equipped with computers for the electronic consultations. It receives nearly a hundred visits per day. The central library counts 26.000 works like 13 000 periodicals and on the spot offer services of consultations, loan and connection Internet to the students and the community 12 hours per day/7 days per week. It assumes also the function of deposit of memoirs and other publications produced by the Institute and delivers certificates of deposit of memoir for leaving students.

The library of campus II is in Kamitsinga, close to the hospital of Byumba and has more than 10,000 works and periodicals specialized in the fields of management, agronomy and development. It has a room of reading and it on the spot ensures also the services of consultations and loan the students and the community. The two libraries grow rich regularly by new books and periodicals and have the personnel which can satisfy their users.

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